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Ship's Position at 12:00:
  • 54°02.3' S 37°20.1' W
  • At anchor
  • Air temperature 10°C; Water temperature 2°C
  • Wind 18 kts Direction 270°
  • Weather: Sunny; Visibility 10
  • Distance covered past 24 hours: 248.9 nautical miles

Breakfast is at 06:30 this morning, rather than at 08:00; we have to be ready to get into the Zodiacs at 08:00. And we manage it, but we make very slow progress after that.

South Georgia's Salisbury Plain (I am looking forward to having some fun with Photoshop and penguins someday) is not only home to the second-largest king penguin colony on South Georgia, it is also the seasonal base of an uncountable number of bad-tempered fur seals.
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At sea

Dec. 3rd, 2007 08:00 pm
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Ship's Position at 12:00:
  • 53°12.1' S 44°02.9' W
  • Course 100°; Speed 11 kts
  • Air temperature 4°C; Water temperature 0°C
  • Wind 16 kts Direction 340°
  • Weather: Fog, Visibility 1-4
  • Distance covered past 24 hours: 288 nautical miles

The great hope today is that we will see Shag Rocks, but the dense fog makes it unlikely that we will really want to do so as if we do get close enough to look at them it will probably be too late.

Another day of huge meals and lectures: three lecturers plus a briefing on South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
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At sea

Dec. 2nd, 2007 08:00 pm
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Ship's Position at 12:00:
  • 52°20' S 51°50' W
  • Course 100°; Speed 14.5 kts
  • Air temperature 11°C; Water temperature 6°C
  • Wind 14 kts Direction 270
  • Weather: Fog, Visibility 1-3
  • Distance covered past 24 hours: 227 nautical miles

Four lectures today: one on birds, one on photography, one on whales, and one on the "polar arts program". There is an artist-in-residence on board the ship.

The focus of the lectures is on South Georgia, as we arrive there on Tuesday.
The speakers are excellent and although I have plenty of things to occupy me I go to most of them.
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Below is the planned (optimistic) itinerary from Quark Expeditions covering the next 5 weeks aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov on its east-to-west semi-circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent.

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