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Ship's Position at 12:00:
  • 42°27.3' S 105°15.9' E
  • Course 39°; Speed 16.7 kts
  • Air temperature 12°C; Water 13°C; Wind 30 kts; Direction 240°
  • Weather: Cloudy; Visibility 7
  • Distance covered past 24 hours: 384.9 nautical miles

Last night around 02:00 the heavy rolling began, 20 degrees at a swoop. I heard unidentifiable objects (including, probably, some passengers!) banging and thudding all over the ship, and in my own cabin a few articles in drawers shifted around. The coat hangers didn't fly from one end of the rod to the other, but they squeaked, so I got up and put everything hanging in the cupboard on the sofa and floor. The ship continues to roll and wallow during the afternoon, but not as severely. It's been briskly windy all day, with tattered whitecaps blowing across all of the waves.

The big storm never happened; the ship just rolled heavily, and rain fell.

The ship continues to race along at a cracking pace. As far as I know, they're just going to slow down and start puttering along at 10 knots, very soon, because there is no berth or plan for early arrival. It would be very scenic if the ship would cruise along the Australian coast, but there's no point hoping for that.

Activities on the ship were minimal — the talk on industrial 20th century whaling; a talk on PowerPoint; a nature documentary in the afternoon and a film in the evening. In the bar, computers have replaced TV as the conversation killers. People bring in their laptops with photos loaded on, four or five friends crowd around, and they stare at the small screen discussing the finer points of aperture or simply admiring the photo so that the photographer basks in the glow. The most popular reading on board is the Perth/Western Australia guidebook.

No point keeping cold-weather clothing around! Today I packed all of it in one duffel bag. Temperature for our arrival in Fremantle is predicted to be around 42 degrees — Celsius.
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